Live and dream

Pictures of deck brawls, tattoo sessions and sailors courting the women in a style that is as lost in time as the ship they stand upon. Themes of love, loss, and youth.

Image the life of sailors  – their daily lives and dreams of home.

Finishing by the sea

The months of submerged exhibition result in a layer of marine life on the artwork. The sea refines the final look and converts the exhibits to its own unique masterpieces.

Sea life growing on Swing


“Mighty Mo”

The USS Mohawk CGC, a 165-foot World War II warship that is now a living reef thriving with exotic marine life – is the home for Andreas Franke’s 3rd underwater art project.
Andreas Franke was leading a team 28 nautical miles off the coast of Sanibel Island, near Fort Myers, to install 12 images that became a gallery within the ship’s inner spaces and remain on display through Sept. 14, 2013.

placing artworkDivers placing the artwork on USS Mohawk.