Vienna based Andreas Franke is a passionate diver as well as an award winning commercial photographer. When not shooting for clients, Franke has been creating his one of-a-kind under water art projects for over 5 years, and hopes to continue this work indefinitely.

The Idea:

The idea was to bring life back to artificial reefs, and to create a Unique and interesting interaction between earlier decades and today.


The Signature Of The Sea

The procedure of creating the artwork of Originals and Uniques:

The work actually begins as a composite photograph - a collage of underwater photographs of the submerged ships combined with studio photographs representing people in scenes from everyday life, as well as days gone by. The photographs were covered with plexiglass and then carefully placed into the sea.

While underwater, the influence of the sea attaches to each image. 

The Originals where on Display at the shipwreck and divers had the  chance to see the underwater exhibition. Spending months underwater, all the pictures develop a real underwater patina. The result of this process makes each picture a Unique artwork.